TE_Wait_Text function failed after upgrading to 12.55
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We upgraded our ALM-PC environment and all standalone components to version 12.55 and upgraded all servers OS to Windows server 2016. Ehen we try to execute the existing RTE script (from 12.20) in 12.55 VuGen TE_Wait_Text fails but were as same script works fine in 12.2.

In the script,TE_wait_text("login as:",220,1,1,100,100,&iCol,&iRow,cmatch); fails with the following error seen in the logs:

TE_wait_text: pattern = login as:
vuser_init.c(65): Error: TE_wait_text failed: pattern = login as:, timeout = 220, col1 = 1, row1 = 1, col2 = 100, row2 =100, Bad argument

When we see the watchlist while running the script in 12.55 retcol and retrow values are -1 though the required text is on the screen which causes the failure, whereas in 12.2 retcol and retrow value is 1.

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Asked on October 17, 2018 5:26 pm
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You have two issues preventing you from running the RTE protocol script in version 12.55:

First: Although the VuGen and Performance Center software is supported on Windows Server 2016, the RTE protocol is not supported on Windows 10 or Windows Server 2016. You must downgrade the OS to use the RTE protocol.

Second: It appears that the inputs for col2 and row2 have exceeded the boundaries of the screen, and this will return a -1 value every time and fail on this step. Timeout value is also set too high.

I suggest that you check values of your terminal emulator screen manually to get the specific values. The TE_wait_text function's values should be more like the example below:

TE_wait_text(''login as:'',30,1,1,80,24,&iCol,&iRow,cmatch);

The terminal emulator screen is measured in characters. The character with position 1,1 is in the top left corner of the screen. If you specify illegal values for col2 or row2 (meaning that the values are smaller than those specified for col1, row1), the function assumes the last row and column on the screen. For example, to indicate that the function should search for text anywhere in the first row, without knowing the precise length of the row, you can specify

TE_wait_text (''login as:'',30, 1,1,-1,1, retcol, retrow, match);

Since the col2 parameter is set to -1, the function will search for text until the last column in the first line.

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Answered on October 17, 2018 5:31 pm

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