UFT one scripts execution
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  1. how we can achieve UFT one scripts parallel execution only through UFT one Parallel runner or any other way
  2. Is it possible execute UFT scripts on linux machine where UFT is not installed
  3. how we can execute local UFT scripts stored in ALM on remote machines
  4. Do we need separate license for UFT Runtime engine or we can use same UFT one tool license
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Asked on August 18, 2023 12:41 am
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  1. You can try AOM (UFT One automation scripts (microfocus.com)) to create scripts and either use something like Windows Task Scheduler or something similar to schedule/execute the tests. Details on running Parallel tests can be found here: Run UFT One tests in parallel (microfocus.com)
  2. No. UFT only runs on Windows OS (UFT One Support Matrix (microfocus.com)). For Windows machines, at the very least the UFT Runtime Engine (UFT Runtime Engine (microfocus.com)) must be installed in order to execute UFT tests. There is a UFT Agent Safari Extension for Mac systems (Work with Apple Safari on a remote Mac computer (microfocus.com)), but nothing for Linux. You can use UFT Developer on a Linux system (UFT Developer Support Matrix (microfocus.com)). Please see the UFT Developer Help Center (UFT Developer Help Center (microfocus.com)) for more details.
  3. Please see Run a test using UFT One installed on a remote computer (microfocus.com)
  4. You can use the same UFT One tool license, but that does consume the license and it cannot be used at the same time on another machine. Please see these links for more information:
    License editions (microfocus.com)
    Licensing FAQs (microfocus.com)
    UFT Runtime Engine (microfocus.com)
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Answered on August 18, 2023 9:42 am
Very thorough answer, I found this to be helpful.
( at August 18, 2023 9:43 am)
Thank you for quick response. It is very useful
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