Unable to access automated test scripts in a specific ALM folder , causing errors in UFT One
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When attempting to expand a specific folder in Test Plan in ALM that contains automated test scripts, we are getting “Failed to Get Test Value” error and folder will not expand. This appears to be the cause of errors that are occurring in UFT One when trying to access test scripts within this folder. Will attach screenshots of errors.

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Asked on August 11, 2023 10:29 am
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This error is a classic issue going back to ALM 11 (2014).

It relates to component instances that belong to tests but point to non-existing components - it could be due to manual DB manipulation or database corruption.

See this knowledgebase article/support tip for full narrative:

It has code that can identify and resolve the non-existing components.


From the article:


In order to fix the issue the following SQL queries should be executed:

1. First verify the issue is caused by non-existing components by running below query:

      select t2.BC_CO_ID from
(select distinct t1.TS_TEST_ID, t1.BC_CO_ID, c.CO_ID from
(select t.TS_TEST_ID, BC_CO_ID
from TEST t
inner join BPTEST_TO_COMPONENTS btc on t.TS_TEST_ID = btc.BC_BPT_ID)t1
left join COMPONENT c on t1.BC_CO_ID = c.CO_ID where c.CO_ID is null and BC_CO_ID > 0)t2

2. If the above query returns one or more results then execute the following:    
      update BPTEST_TO_COMPONENTS set BC_CO_ID = 0 where BC_CO_ID in
(select t2.BC_CO_ID from
(select distinct t1.TS_TEST_ID, t1.BC_CO_ID, c.CO_ID from
(select t.TS_TEST_ID, BC_CO_ID
from TEST t
inner join BPTEST_TO_COMPONENTS btc on t.TS_TEST_ID = btc.BC_BPT_ID)t1
left join COMPONENT c on t1.BC_CO_ID = c.CO_ID where c.CO_ID is null and BC_CO_ID > 0)t2)
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Answered on August 11, 2023 10:33 am

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