Upgrading a project to 12.55, Manual repair found checkouts
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While upgrading ALM to 11.55 on a new db and app server, I get a problem report indicating the project has checkouts that must be checked in. How do I get the items checked in or clear the issue through Site Administration on the new servers?

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Asked on October 30, 2017 9:21 pm
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This is common when you try to upgrade a project that does not have everything checked in (from various users - or forced checked-out by admin).

you have 2 options:

1) go back to the project in the old QC version (if still standing)

1a) and get all users to check things back in

1b) force revoke check-out as admin..-- this does NOT save any of the user's work that was NOT checked in.

1c) Turn OFF version control (this will remove ALL history -- make sure you want to do this as when/if you turn VC back on, it will start over)

2) Brute-force via DB to remove all check-outs -- this does NOT save any of the user's work that was NOT checked in.-- directions below

I recommend #2 as it just clears out CURRENTLY checked out stuff and leaves other VC history.


NOTE: VC (version control) does not necessarily need to be turned OFF for project.
If you turn it OFF, it may clear out ALL VC history after you turn it back ON after upgrading.

To clear out the ''checked-out'' items from the project database,

0) Have ALL users check EVERYTHING back in - and tell them that their edits will be lost if they do not comply.

1) De-activate project

2) MAKE A BACKUP of the project database/schema (or copy to new server)

3) Fix the ''td'' user if upgrading project (if using SQL-Server with SQL-authentication)

4) Using SQL Management Studio (or other DB admin tools),

a. Navigate to each VC_... table and retrieve all rows to see if there are any rows (rows in here mean there are version control objects (checked out items)

b. run SQL to remove all rows if any exist

c. walk down list to get all VC_... tables and clear them all out.
Re-restore project into new QC server and continue with usual Verify/Repair/Upgrade

Future project upgrades - it may be a good practice to:

1) tell users to check everything in

2) look for stragglers via queries and manually revoke check-outs.

3) Migrate Project DB/Schema to new system

4) MANUALLY clear out all VC_ ... table contents

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Answered on October 30, 2017 9:28 pm

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