Upgrading ALM 12.21 to 12.55 and getting ”The installation cannot continue. A newer ALM version is already installed on this machine” error
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We are trying to upgrade (in place) our ALM12.21 to 12.55 and are getting a strange error — The installer seems to detect a previous instllation — even though we just ran the 12.21 UNINSTALLER from Control Panel "Programs and Features".
We also made sure to delete all "left-over" folders from Program Files HPE (or HP) and from c:\\ProgramData\\HP (or HPE) \\ALM — but we left behind the conf and repository folders.

We even emptied the "recycle bin" and rebooted.

Why does it still sense a previous installation?

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Asked on September 19, 2018 4:31 pm
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This is an insidious one for sure.

Some installs have a left-over entry in the HIDDEN ''**c:Program filesZero G Registry**'' folder.
The file is called:


Look at the XML file there (with an XML editor like Notepad++) and you will see an entry for a product ''HP Application Lifecycle Management''.

It's name tag will look something like this:

> name=''HP Application Lifecycle
> Management''
> id=''a100aaea-1f0f-11b2-8d7f-e4354d458dce''
> version=''12.21.5016.6''

If this is the ONLY product entry, you can just DELETE the entire XML file, but if there are other entries there (for other products), you should just delete the entire ''product ... /product'' tag/section relating to ''HP Application Lifecycle Management''.

After this file has been modified or deleted, try the install again.

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Answered on September 19, 2018 4:41 pm

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