Upgrading of LR12.50 to LR 2020 SP1 version,

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Dear all,

I am thinking of upgrading the LR Controller and 2 LG’s to LR2020 SP1 from 12.50, and increase of Vusers from 1000 to 2000, ALM is not linked to LR what are the things to consider for smooth upgrade and consequences going to face after the upgrade, is there any scripts need to be changed after upgrade or setting need to be change like disabling UAC?

is LR 2020 SP1 is stable to upgrade or Upgrade to 12.63

Environment: Windows 10 Enterprise

Vusers:1000 Currently 


HD :500 GB

Processor : Intel i5, 2.90 Ghz.

Please suggest smooth upgrade procedure and tips for the upgrade and Performing Load test after upgrading.

Thank you




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Asked on September 24, 2020 5:08 am