Upgrading to Performance Center 12.62
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We are getting ready to install/upgrade to Performance Center 12.62.
Is there a full on rollup for this? Right now, to build new, I have to install 12.60. Then 12.61. Then hotfixes individually. That may prescribed patches over the top for my existing base, but I'm also looking at new build of hosts going forward. A rollup would simply be a package that contains all of this, so the install isn't layered as I've described above. Any help or input would be great.

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Asked on April 18, 2019 11:55 am
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There is no full PC 12.62 set of installers. This is a patch set, to be installed directly on top of 12.60 or 12.61. This allows you to bypass installing the Performance Center patch 12.61 and all previous hotfixes.

The PC 12.62 Patches include all of the PC 12.61 fixes and hotfixes for 12.60!

Note, there are no patches for the ALM server in this patch set.

I recommend:
* Making backups of the your Current 12.61 environment
* We recommend applying 12.62 on top of your 12.61 Performance Center components.
* Installing the PC 12.62 patches directly over your current 12.61 PC Components

I hope this helps.

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Answered on April 19, 2019 7:38 pm

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