Vuser failed to initialize extension java_int.dll
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When running a test in the Controller with multiple Java protocol script groups and when all groups are initialized simultaneously, the test are resulting in a failure for one or more Vusers with: "Error: Vuser failed to initialize extension java_int.dll".

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Asked on October 20, 2017 12:54 pm
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The issue is caused because multiple processes are trying to resolve the Java version and write the result to the same file.

There are two solutions to resolve this issue, a manual workaround or a hotfix that can be applied to each Load Generator.


The following workaround can be applied to bypass the issue:

1. If you are scheduling the
scenario/performance test by
Scenario do not initialize all users
at once but introduce a delay
between them. If your
scenario/performance test is with
Percentage Mode, do not forget to
consider the percentage allocation.
3. If you are scheduling the scenario/performance test by Group, do not start all the Groups
immediately after the scenario begins. Introduce a delay between each group.

To receive the hotfix, you can search on Micro Focus's Self-Solve Knowledge base for article KM02942430, or open a case with Orasi Support or Micro Focus Support.


1. On your Load Generator machine download java_search.dll and java_search_x64.dll .
2. Go to [Installation folder]bin and take a back-up of the original java_search.dll and java_search_x64.dll files.
3. Replace them with the ones downloaded from Step 1.

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Answered on October 20, 2017 1:05 pm

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