webservice call limitation during execution
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I’m executing a test with WEBSERVICE calls but even when i increase the vusers the TPS doesn’t rise and the response time is staying quite low.
There is no contention on the environment but I feel there is some sort of bottleneck coming from loadrunner.
Perhaps some TCP connections, I’m not sure.
Load Generator is running from a Windows 2012 r2 machine.
I can provide more information if I have some feedback on what is needed.

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Asked on December 6, 2017 9:04 pm
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You need to setup monitoring of the web service server. Specifically, you need to determine if the server is experiencing some type of contention. Monitor the following:

Processor -->%Processor Time

System--> Processor Queue Length

Physical Disk--> Current Disk Queue Length

Memory-->Available Megabytes

System-->Context Switch Rate.

As you increase the number of users. These values should change. If they do change, LoadRunner is not the issue. If they don't, add the Network Delay Monitor and rerun. This should reveal any network contention.

Record locking on the server side might also be the cause. If you are using the same data in each request, the server is probably locking that item at the database level. Until the lock is release, other requests will become queued.

Consider these and then update.

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Answered on December 28, 2017 1:51 pm

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