What is the best way to upgrade ALM-synchronizer on SAME server?
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We plan to upgrade our HP-Synchronizer/ALM-synchronizer to a new version, what is the best way to do this and keep using our links?

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Asked on July 23, 2019 10:04 pm
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Here is the process:

ALM-Sync/HP-Sync Upgrade Steps:

Steps to upgrade HP-Synchronizer with data:


1. Turn OFF all scheduled (old server) link schedules (uncheck checkbox on scheduling tab) and de-activate links

2. Using OLD HP-Sync Client, make individual ''Link data into Backup file'' backups (creates ZIP file) for EACH link (From Menu: Link/Export/Link Data Into Backup file...) - you may need these later

3. Make an explicit Postgres/Synchronizer FULL backup with backup BAT file as directed by HP-Sync User Guide.

See this EyeOnTesting Post:

Note about backups - there are also ''automatic backups'' made every 8 hours, but these would not capture your changes from #1 above.
-- Confirm recent backup has been made and COPY (along with other automatically created synchronizer backups) to a network share along with link exported backup ZIPs (backups are named with .backup, .backup1, .backup2, etc. and should be in ...HP ALM Synchronizerbackup folder).

Install - in-place method:

1. Upgrade Path - use the old sync Server PC (Upgrade in-place) if it is compliant with system requirements AND has the old HP-sync uninstalled. Uninstall old HP-sync (leave Postgres service running and DO NOT UNINSTALL POSTGRES!!!!!)
2. Install NEW Server and allow to upgrade your sync data, indicate proper version of your CURRENT C

Install - NEW server method:

1. NEW Server install path - on NEW HP-sync server (cannot also be Endpoint2 server or QC Server per HP-Sync Install Guide) Install new version of HP-sync server. Take defaults, indicate proper version of your CURRENT QC version
2. Uninstall old Client and Install HP-Sync 12.55 Client and install NEW client.


1. IF you upgraded the old database (IN-place upgrade), Carefully check connectivity and integrity checks on each existing/(upgraded data) link
2. If this is a NEW/Blank server RESTORE individual links from ZIP backups made in Step 2 above.
3. See this EyeOnTesting post about making link Exports/backups from versions prior to 12.53 SP2, and
restoring to 12.53 SP2 and later:


4. Link menu/Import


Check each link:

1. Check Connectivity of QC and Endpoint2 side and run Integrity check on each restored link.
2. Run Incremental sync for and look for issues
3. Run Full Sync and look for issues
4. Re-enable scheduling

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Answered on July 23, 2019 10:30 pm

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