Does PC 12.55 have Selenium integration?
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We are currently using Performance Center 12.55 with Windows 7 64-bit OS. Does anyone know if PC 12.55 can integrate with Selenium? Any thoughts would be great.

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Asked on July 24, 2019 1:05 pm
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The Performance Center software has limited integration with the Selenium software product. Performance Center allows you to convert a pre-existing Selenium test(s) / script(s) by converting a Selenium test to a VuGen script by using the script converter which is down loaded from Performance Center.

In order to convert Selenium test(s) / script(s) to use with Performance Center, you should be familiar with the following :

* Prerequisites for converting Selenium tests
* Convert the Selenium script(s)
* Upload converted VuGen scripts to Performance Center

The process and further details about converting Selenium tests can be located from the Performance Center on-line help from the following link:


I hope this helps

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Answered on July 25, 2019 7:29 pm

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