Why does Site Admin show we have Performance Center Licenses qty Unlimited?
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We have Full, Defect and BPT licenses, so why does Performance Center Licenses show we have Unlimited?

Do you have a test ALM that does not have any project with ALM Lab Extension for functional and performance testing and does it show you have performance center licenses?

Reason I ask is if we run out of licenses (Full, Defect, BPT) then users pull a performance center license giving them access to Test Plan…I don’t want this to happen.

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Asked on February 1, 2018 1:15 am
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The Performance Center license is not available in the Quality Center Enterprise edition but is added when an ALM edition license is applied.

The ALM edition will use the performance center license because it needs access to Performance Center module. This module is included on this edition because this one has all the functionalities of ALM

There is no way to stop users from being able to use the PC license this because the licenses that are included on the ALM full edition will have unlimited access to the Performance Center features

Since there is no way to stop the users from pulling a PC license when all the Full ALM licenses are in use does this make them you of compliance with the licensing model for ALM since there are more users connecting than you have ALM licenses for?

No because the intention of the ALM full edition is to have unlimited licenses to have the access to the Performance Center

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Answered on February 1, 2018 1:17 am

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