Will ALM run on MS Edge when IE is sunset in 2022?
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  Microsoft has annopunced the intention to sunset Internet Explorer in June 2022. When this happens, will ALM run on MS Edge? I tried it earlier today and received a message within the browser stating “you are using an unsupported browser. ALM Desktop Client supports Microsoft Internet Explorer 10 and 11”. It appears to not be working currently. We have a version that according to the supported versions website is compatible with our Edge which is the latest version (well past 77). So how do we make it work or will it just start once IE is sunsetted?




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Asked on July 31, 2021 10:06 am
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Hi HomerJ,


Yes it will support Microsoft Edge but as you can see under the supported environments page maintained by Micorofocus, the version must be edge version 77 or later: https://admhelp.microfocus.com/documents/alm/alm-system-requirements/alm-qc-system-requirements.htm

There is Knowledge document KM03638120 that details how to make Edge work with ALM as of current.You can get that from your support group as it is available from the Microfocus support page. Note you might have to get your IT admins involved if you don't have the correct permissions and rights and if they have group policies in effect that may be blocking this from occurring.

You will also have the option of using the ALM explorer and you can use the preferred and recommended Client Launcher (it is recommended over the ALM explorer as it is more refined) available from the marketplace: https://marketplace.microfocus.com/appdelivery/content/alm-client-launcher

These will give you the availability to fully use ALM once Microsoft has sunsetted Internet Explorer.

I hope this helps and answers your questions?


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Answered on July 31, 2021 10:07 am
Hi Dan, What is the difference between ALM explorer and ALM client launcher.? Which is preferred for better performance.?
( at September 7, 2021 5:05 pm)

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