Disabling automatic host monitors
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When we run a test, Performance Center automatically monitors CPU, disk space, and memory for the PC Host used as the Controller. In our environments, where the network ports are closed, this feature causes a significant slowdown when starting a performance test run. How do we disable the automatic host monitoring in Performance Center?

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Asked on February 18, 2019 1:54 pm
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Before Starting:
The monitors are configured at the start of each test by the Controller used in that test. This means the change is per Controller machine. There for

a) This workaround must be applied on each host machine serving as a Controller.
b) The host monitors will only be disabled for those tests that are executed using a Controller machine that was changed.
c) All tests using a changed Controller machine will not collect the host monitor data (until the Controller is changed back to the original status).

How to disable the monitors:

1. Login to the host machine
2. Make sure there are no tests running on the host machine and that there are no wlrun.exe process running.
3. Open [Performance Center Host Installation]configwlrun7.ini
4. Add the line 'EnableHostMonitor=0' under the [General] section
5. Run a test using this specific host machine as the controller

The host monitors feature is enabled by default.

* If the EnableHostMonitor property is missing from 'wlrun7.ini', the system will revert to the default behavior
* If the value is set to 1, the host monitor is enabled. Any other value will disable the host monitors
* If the host monitors is disabled, the following logging will be displayed in the 'orchidtmpltloggerwlrun.log': INFO Default Monitor is disabled for this host
* If the host monitors is enabled, the logging will be: INFO-Loading Default Monitors

Supported versions:
Performance Center 12.01 Patch 3 or any superseding patch;
Performance Center 12.20 Patch 2 or any superseding patch;
Performance Center 12.50 or later.

This workaround may cause some online graphs in the Performance Test Run Page to appear empty although they are not. The graph data is available offline after collating and analyzing the results.

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Answered on February 18, 2019 2:21 pm

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