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I am writing a script that uploads a file to an FTP server. I am able to login, but I keep getting the error:

Action.c(16): Error -86025:Put failed; 553 /Macysto2Adpro/TestMonitoring: Cannot write to a directory.

This is strange to me because I have no problems transfering a file to that directory manually via winscp.

Below is my script… please take a look and let me know if I am doing something wrong here… I also added in: "MODE=ASCII",ENDITEM, which was suggested by someone who but it did not work.


ftp_logon ("FTP", "URL=ftp://username:password@mftftp.federated.fds", LAST );

lr_end_transaction("Login", LR_AUTO);

lr_start_transaction("Transfer File_2AdproToMacys");

// Transfers and places the file "ftp_file.txt" in the /2AdproToMacys directory.

// ftp_get_ex (&pFtp,"GET_TRANSACTION", "SOURCE_PATH=C:/MFTTestFiles/Testmonitoring1.txt","TARGET_PATH=/Macysto2Adpro/TestMonitoring", "MODE=ACSII",ENDITEM,LAST);

ftp_put ("Ftp_Put", "SOURCE_PATH=C:/MFTTestFiles/Testmonitoring1.txt", "TARGET_PATH=/Macysto2Adpro/TestMonitoring", ENDITEM, LAST );

lr_end_transaction("Transfer File_2AdproToMacys", LR_AUTO);


return 0;

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Asked on March 7, 2014 5:58 pm
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Please try escaping the slash i.e.

ftp_put (''Ftp_Put'', ''SOURCE_PATH=C:\\MFTTestFiles\\Testmonitoring1.txt'',....

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Answered on April 15, 2014 7:32 pm