Is there a way to silent install the Microsoft Excel and Word Add-ins for ALM?
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We would like to package the add-ins and push them out to the needed clients but we are finding that when we do this the end users still must accept the install and complete it upon opening those applications after the package is pushed to their systems. Is there a way to silent install these add-ins so no client intervention is necessary?


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Asked on April 4, 2019 2:32 pm
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Hi HomerJ,
Unfortunately there is no way for this to happen at this time, I did more research with some senior engineers to validate if there is a workaround or something that can help us to get the Microsoft Excel and Word add-ins installed without having to run the wizard or have end user intervention, however at this moment, such Is not possible, due the following reasons:

* The add-in is packaged currently as an ''.exe''
* If it were an ''msi'' this would then be possible
* If it were an old Add-in version , it could be possible as those were based on VBA
* New add-in versions are based with the Office architecture and thus not possible

I hope this helps answer your question unfortunately what you are wanting to accomplish is not possible due to the architecture in place currently.


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Answered on April 4, 2019 2:38 pm

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