Trouble importing a small QC11.52 QCP file generated from same server
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I am trying to use a QCP (project export) file to make a copy of a project.
We have done this many times in QC11 by editing the DBID.xml file in the QCP/ZIP file so that it has a different Project Unique Identifier (PUID) – we just changed the last 4 characters to something else to make it different from the source project’s PUID, replaced in the QCP file and imported. this used to work fine.

Did something change with 11.52, because it is now throwing errors when trying to import the QCP this way, some are complaining about the Unicode setting? We did not touch that.

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Asked on October 3, 2016 11:34 pm
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According to HP/HPE, Starting with QC11.52, the Project Unique ID (PUID) related to the QCP file cannot be modified in the dbid.xml. It must be changed on the SOURCE project (record int the qcsiteadmin_db database/schema) after generating the QCP file.

The mechanism starting with QC/ALM 11.5x changed. The PUID in the dbid.xml is HASHed meaning that it can no longer be changed directly in the QCP's DBID.xml file.

Here are the NEW steps to use a QCP to copy a project into the same server:

1) Generate QCP from ''source'' project

2) Use DB tool to login to the qc_siteadmin (or similar name) database (for editing data in tables)

3) Open PROJECTS table and find your project in PROJECT_NAME column

4) Check the corresponding number under PROJECT_UID column.
It should have the following similar format ''037f199c-8357-4683-aeb5-9cc16f71f135''

5) Run an update statement on that record by modifying the last 4 values (similar if Oracle)

UPDATE PROJECTS SET PROJECT_UID = '037f199c-8357-4683-aeb5-9cc16f71g246' WHERE PROJECT_NAME = 'NAME_XXX'

(the purpose of this is to use SQL to change the PUID of the existing/source project)

Note: this value must be changed using this method or it will not work

6) Save the changes to record

7) Logout and Login to the ALM 11.5 or later Site Administrator

8) Import the project from .qcp format - make sure to give new unique project name

You may want to make sure you have a backup of the SOURCE project schema and repository BEFORE importing from QCP.

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Answered on October 3, 2016 11:45 pm

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