How do I create a view only user in AutoPass?
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How do I create a view only user in AutoPass that may view License Usage but cannot use features like Remote Commuter?

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Asked on April 20, 2020 9:44 am
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In order to create AutoPass users that have restricted (view only) permissions, you must first successfully configure your mail server information under AutoPass/Configuration/Mail Configuration, create a user under AutoPass/User Management/Users, create a user group with "View Only" privilege under AutoPass/User Management/User Groups, and finally add your newly created user to the user group.

1) AutoPass > Mail Configuration

Make sure you are entering the correct information in each field by following these resources:

Also please see this common fix, if needed:

Mail Configuration is complete only when you can have AutoPass send test emails successfully.

2) AutoPass > User Management > Users

Click the 'Create User' button to create a new user. Provide First Name, Last Name, and email address (the email address will be the user's user name). This will send a "Welcome User" email to the new user for creating a password and logging into AutoPass.


3) AutoPass > User Management > User Groups

Click the 'Create Group' button to create a new user group. Provide Group Name and Description. Once the group is created, scroll down and set "View Only" Privilege in the 'Manage User Groups' section. Next click on 'Manage Memebers' and add the new user you just created in the previous step.


You now have an AutoPass user who has read only access. They may view License Usage, etc. but may not make any changes or use features like Remote Commuter, etc.

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Answered on April 20, 2020 9:47 am
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