UFT workstation not releasing AutoPass concurrent license.
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One of our workstations doesn’t always release the license ever since we upgraded to UFT 14.0. Rebooting the workstation and license server does not help.

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Asked on April 25, 2017 5:51 pm
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On the server side, you might be running an outdated version of AutoPass, and on the client side, you may need to change the LicenseSettings.xml's LicenseAutoReleaseInterval. Try these steps:

1) Make sure your AutoPass version is the latest 9.3.1:


2) On the affected UFT14 workstation, change the LicenseSettings.xml's LicenseAutoReleaseInterval value to 1 (reference KM01856718):

-Navigate to %programdata%HewlettPackardUFTLicense and make a backup copy of LicenseSettings.xml

-Open LicenseSettings.xml with a text editor

-The value for LicenseAutoReleaseInterval is X Number of minutes + 1 of user inactivity after which UFT will release concurrent license to server. (X
mins to show 1st popupmessage, ~1min before popup times out. When license will be released then UFT will be able only to save script and exit (script editing is also possible)

3) Observe the UFT14 workstation while idle for 2 minutes with UFT open to see if the session ends (after pop-up messages). Check AutoPass to see if the license token was released.

4) Change the LicenseAutoReleaseInterval back to 0, then see if the license token is released upon proper closure of UFT.

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Answered on April 25, 2017 5:52 pm
After making the above changes, we have not observed the problem. Thanks!
( at April 25, 2017 5:52 pm)

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